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Hands-on workshop


August 5 & 6 2023

$200 Non-members/Members must purchase in studio

About The Pots

I find boundless inspiration in the wonders of the natural world. My artistic journey has been a deep exploration of the intersection between functional pottery and the delicate beauty of animals and birds. Through the meticulous process of hand painting, I strive to capture the essence of these creatures and bring them to life on each unique pottery piece, inviting viewers to connect with nature's whispers and find solace in the harmony between art and functionality.

The act of painting animals and birds on functional pottery is an homage to the captivating creatures that share our world. With each stroke of the brush, I strive to convey their spirit, grace, and the intricate details that make them truly remarkable. Like a silent conversation between artist and observer, these hand-painted animals speak to the viewer, drawing them closer to the enchanting natural realm and awakening a sense of wonder.

Join us for what will be an amazing experience.

You will need:

Bring some Bisque ^10 work

Basic pottery tools

Metal rib



Wood knife

Metal knife

Wood sculpting tools

Sureform tool

Mudtools Ribs, Blue or green


Line Brushes – 0 or 1 size brush

Fill Brushes


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