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Thomas Bumblauskas

Ceramics Artist & Instructor

Thom’s work in ceramics utilizes medium-sized functional vessels and quirky figurative sculptures. His work at first blush makes one smile at the silly images, yet something dark or sinister hides in the background. Perhaps he is a bit more glass “half empty” then he will admit.

Bumblauskas’ work pulls from the things which we fear, how we remember, how we communicate, and how we carry childhood experiences into our adult lives. His microcosms explore than human traits we often hide from ourselves and others, confronting the audience and more closely examining the universal nature of life, fear, humor, and absurdity, making viewers see themselves in a new way.

His work has been featured in numerous galleries and collected throughout the country. Bumblauskas’ work has been seen at MUDFIRE’S (Atlanta, GA), 321 Gallery (Caspar, WY), Butler University, Charlie Cummings Gallery, University of North Dakota, and others.

In addition to his many other talents, Bumblauskas is also an accomplished, award-winning scenic designer with numerous theatre, opera and film credits.

Thomas's Portfolio 

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