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The Sum is a Total of its Parts

Opening Reception Thursday, June 22nd

from 5 - 7pm

Free to the public

June 22 - August 23 Grand Gallery | Las Vegas City Hall 495 S Main St

Stacked art is present all over the world, from beautiful carvings in Poland to the First Nation poles of the Pacific Northwest. In our culture these pieces are often called Totems. This term was first derived from the Ojibwa word “ototeman.” Europeans adapted this word to describe tall, multiple-figure poles first made only by the Northwest Coast Haida, Tlingit and Tsimshian peoples. To respect and honor this history, most artists will call pieces like these garden stackers, stacked art or pottery poles. These stacked ceramic artworks are a narrative exploration for each artist, some literal, some more abstract. Many cultures throughout the world have used stacked art as a tool to organize thoughts.

Clay Arts Vegas is a thriving center for clay enthusiasts in Las Vegas that goes beyond supplies and classes: fostering a dynamic environment for its members and 200 students by hosting juried shows in the Victor F. Keen Gallery, and showcasing artworks from numerous local and international artists. In addition to their artistic endeavors, Clay Arts Vegas supports organizations like the Las Vegas Artist Guild, The Center and the Nevada Ballet Theatre. Their philosophy centers on making art accessible and nurturing a sense of community, both locally and globally.


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